Pool Zoom

Poolzoom recognized that their customers could better be served by an operation that is tech focused, which means a more responsive service. Now, instead of paying inflated prices and slow service, poolzoom offers at home and in store shopping without the wait times and a thinner wallet.

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Design System

Building a system for alignment and consistency

Poolzoom has built their business on their own with creative and unique tech solutions developed to better serve their customers and compete against enterprise corporations. Their challenge was that they needed a design partner to improve their user experience and help increase their speed to market with new features.

Our work with them began by building out a design system that mapped out key areas of opportunity that would improve their value to their customers. Our team designed a new website, custom CMS, mobile applications, and several IOT device launches.

By working directly with their founder and CTO, our team built out a design system that helped them improve speed of product delivery. This paved the way for increased in conversions, repeat customers, as well as a custom backend cms to manage their operation.