TheraWe allows parents of children with intellectual and developmental delays and disabilities and their therapy to engage using modern tools from their day-to-day lives, as well as track and monitor progress remotely while increasing revenues for therapy providers.

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Brand Identity
Product Design
Mobile Design

Positioning a startup for acquisition

TheraWe came to us with an incredible product idea. The therapy journey for parents with special needs children is riddled with complexity and paperwork. The product aimed to eliminate the paper work for their child with each therapist. Their challenge was that their experience lacked necessary features to make that possible as well as a quality user experience that would relieve the headache of the physical documents.

We worked with their leadership team to refine their brand and build out sticky product features that improved their relationships with parents, therapists, and investors.

Our work landed them a strategic partnership that resulted in a successful exit to a larger behavioral health company. Once acquired, the parent company hired us to redesign their existing healthcare billing software.