briefli is a SaaS product aimed at helping 3PL companies improve their document processing. They created an AI tool to enhance existing workflows without having to reinvent their process. It fosters collaboration and boosts productivity in a fast moving industry.



briefli needed a brand identity and name for their new product geared toward helping the third-party logistics industry. With their expertise in logistics and warehousing, they needed a team to help position the product in the market and give it a compelling, memorable name and identity. Our team collaborated with their key stakeholders to define, develop and build out a brand system that they could carry into the product development and launch. Through several workshops and excercises we created the path for successful brand that “Removes the heavy lifting from warehouse workflow.” This inspired the name, and sharpened their unique approach to improving workflow for logistics companies.

A truly productive partnership.

Our experience with Bullpen was fantastic. They kicked things off with a bang, setting a productive tone from the start. We were impressed by their dedication to keeping the project moving, their clear communication, and their ability to engage stakeholders at all levels. They had a special knack for pushing the team creatively in the right places that created better results. Our brand and product experience have been truly transformed.

LJ Watson
Head of Product
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