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Cultivate categorizes people you know by interest, relationship and organization, captures personalized details for quick reference, and promotes thoughtful communication.



Cultivate came to us with a clear problem to solve. They needed to gain traction both their product and marketing materials did not reflect the clear value and simplicity of the product idea. They were experiencing feature bloat with a foundation that made building a personal network less of a chore to manage. With the help of their founder Amy, we set to work positioning the product experience as a valuable efficient tool for building and staying connected with the people that matter most. Our design decisions wanted to utilize the metaphor of handling a network like one would nurture and care for a growing garden.

They pointed us in the right direction

We came to Bullpen with a product idea that had value in the market but was having trouble competing. They not only provided the needed polish to our product, but they gave us a concise brand and product vision that made us stand out to our targeted buyers. We would work with them again in a heartbeat.

Amy Bradshaw
Founder, Cultivate
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