Raise is dedicated to partnering with our clients to transform the commercial real estate industry into a place of progress. We spend a third of our lives at work. Raise wants to improve workplace management.



Raise came to us with a product that offered tremendous value to their customers but was causing difficulties when their customers used it in their day to day. Their customers needed something that was easy to navigate and surface key insights quickly rather than leafing through large amounts of data. We partnered with their internal product and development team to improve their workspace management platform to help provide key insights quickly. Their team needed to refine the product in order to align with the investment team and board members. Our team built out a dashboard experience, cleaned up their design system, and collaborated with their development team.

They helped us pitch our north star vision.

We wanted to take our product to the next level and be able to present that vision to inspire our team. When I gave Bullpen V1 of our product, they helped us uncover the missing pieces. They called out problems beforehand and added their own touch based on their experience. I could literally close my eyes, and they would create something that was more beautiful and better than what I'd envisioned.

Azucena Araujo
senior product manager, raise
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