Stunio, formerly known as uniservices, is a gig marketplace app aimed at empowering students to make side income while simultaneously serving their local community.



Stunio sought to develop a cutting-edge design language to propel them forward. While their concept and business model were strong, their growing presence in the B2B market highlighted the need to refine their brand and marketing to compete against companies like taskrabbit. Over the course of a few months we worked with their founders and team to develop a name, logo, brand identity, and website design that was approachable and inspirational for both students and those in the community looking for help. We delivered a dynamic language that enabled their team to apply it to their existing application and improve the user experience and sales opportunities with B2B companies.

Customers thought we had been acquired.

Working with Bullpen felt like a true partnership. From the beginning we had an open line of communication and were working towards the same goals. At first, we were unsure as we’ve worked with outsourced teams before. Ultimately, they didn’t leave any gaps unfilled for our team and gave us a level of service we haven’t experienced before. They lead us through a process that made some of our customers to believe that we had been acquired. Hire them, they will deliver.

Adam Green
Founder, CEO
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