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Transcarent built a new, different, and better health and care experience that puts you back in charge with high-quality care, transparent information, and trusted guidance – in as little as 60 seconds, 24/7, from the palm of your hand.



Transcarent came to us with a big problem to solve, making affordable care easy and accessible to the patients. The challenge that they were having is that their experience had great interest and value, but they needed to match up to their competition in the market. Our team was hired to improve the user experience and visual design of their application to improve engagement and usability. Working with their internal design, development, and product team, we created a cleaner UI and defined their new design system for usage internally.

They solved problems with us.

Bullpen exemplified what we look for in our internal design team - low ego, high execution. That is a rare find in outside firms. If you are looking to collaborate, move quickly, and iterate as a team, I would say you should 100% go with Bullpen.

Bhavikah Shah
Design Director
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